Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Usborne Encyclopedia of the Ancient World: Internet Linked (History Encyclopedias)

This encyclopaedia traces the extraordinary history of the Ancient World, from the first farmers, and the early civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and Rome to the eventual decline and fall of the Roman Empire. It covers all aspects of life in the Ancient World - from building the pyramids to a day at the Roman Games. There are photographs of glowing treasures in gold, silver and precious stones, 3000-year-old wall paintings with vivid colours, and blackened, shrivelled mummies, combined with reconstructions and cutaways of architecture, to recreate the atmosphere of the time. Internet links are given to a selection of recommended Web sites, containing additional information for school projects and homework. Many of the Web sites include sound, animation or video clips, which bring the subject to life.

Customer Review: A Must Have for any Home Library!

This book is a GREAT resource for your family. Your kids will love the pictures and facts scattered throughout the pages. It is well organized, colorful, and full of information. My kids are 9, 8, and 6 and have all benefitted from having this book at home. This book makes reading assignments fun! Great for homsechoolers, and the internet links are terrific. Even as an adult, I have enjoyed reviewing the stuff I learned when I was in school as a child.

The only downside to this book is that some of the pictures cover the page numbers. This makes it a little hard to find a certain page because this sometimes occurs for several pages in a row.

Customer Review: Exactly what I needed.

I am teaching my children ancient history and needed something to give my curriculum some meat. This book does it! Very thorough (100 pages on Egypt), colorful, covers concepts such as government, religion, architecture, and daily life for each civilization. Even mentions a few empires other books don't bother to bring up.
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